Raw, vegan and healthy food in London

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Surprinsingly, London is a paradise for healthy gastronomy, including raw, free from, and vegan food

I must admit that I arrived in London a few weeks ago, my suitcase filled with prejudices about English cuisine, such as sticky tasteless porridge, greasy fish & chips, and suspicious sauces.

But to my surprise, I found a city much more advanced on ”healthy food” than both Spain and France.

Everywhere you can find vegan, meat free, raw and “free from” options, at a very reasonable price. Restaurant menus provide detailed information on all allergens, and vegetarian and vegan options are available.

Far from the traditional green salad with vegetables, London is full of delicious and tasty vegan and healthy restaurants.

Among my London findings:

  • Prêt à Manger” healthy fast food chain, a must try. Despite the name, no French influences. There is a “Prêt” on every corner. The dishes are all prepared the same day they are sold, so there is not much left if you arrive after 5pm! Among my favorites, Sweet potato Falafel & smashed beets veggie box, with a delicious zingy green dressing.

  • The restaurant Essence Cuisine in Shoreditch. Under the influence of Matthew Kenney, this restaurant, is specialized in plant-based and raw cuisine. I would for their coconut ravioli with kimchi filling and red cabbage.

  • Jamie’s Italian”, from the famous chef Jamie Oliver. A chain of restaurants from which I did not expect much but that surprised me to the highest point. My favorite: « Crunchy nachos », aka cheese dumplings with smoked paprika and spicy arrabiata sauce.

credit @Jamie’s Italian

  • The organic crunchy almond butter from the brand Meridian, which became the ally of my London breakfasts. I wish I could find anything similar in Spain.

My experience in a Tesco supermarket has not been so good: canned food, vegetables wrapped in plastic and no way to find a decent gluten free or organic bread, nor canned sea food.

On my list for my next trip to London : A good fish and chips in the famous “Poppies” chain, and a trip to a Whole Foods store